Interview The Times – Legal Innovation

“Our objective is to enhance the client’s investment!”

Iulian Băiculescu carries on the family’s heritage, which has old traditions on the Romanian legal market, with a 23 years’ background of experience.

In the growing companies, such as B&A, does the role of the partners – besides signing the contracts, managing, being the” symbol” and guarantor of the company, as in the great law offices, imply the direct work in the files?

Each file is permanently supervised by a partner together with B&A management. I must specify that each partner is specialized in the respective field and has at least 10 years of experience in the field. In the future, we want to increase our team with partners as ambitious and well trained and to be part of wider projects, both in the field of consultancy and litigations, in order to continue offering full services starting with the start-up business to the representation in front of all courts of all degrees and at all procedural stages.

Considering the ”minimal fees” imposed, the ever higher volume of work and the tough competition, is there still place for pro bono work for the experiences lawyers?

B&A is open to all kinds of fees provided by the law. In each case, the fee represents both the work carried out by B&A and the motivation necessary for empathizing with the client’s problem, so that everything is done in order to reach the objective. We always propose ourselves reasonable objectives, our purpose being to increase the clients’ investment by the end of our collaboration. We do not like the risks and we try to avoid the litigations, nevertheless we are prepared to intervene firmly and with professionalism also in the circumstances that lead us to court. We have, of course, pro bono services too, especially in the medical field, in which we sustained the activity of several NGOs functioning within Fundeni Institute. These are important projects for the beneficiaries of the programs carried out by such NGOs, and our office considers itself privileged to sustain them and it got involved each time it was asked.

Is there any area of practice which may be considered ”the engine” of your law office or which brings you bigger satisfactions?

Given that the number of litigations diminished during the past years, mainly due to the raise of the stamp fee and secondly due to B&A policy, we increased our consultancy activity. The last important project carried out by us was in the real estate and it was carried out during several weeks, having the occasion to represent the interests of important Romanian companies on the IT market in front of a big Swedish player on the real estate business market. The negotiations were only in English, the classes of Legal English being handy on this occasion. In the litigations department we know the last evolutions regarding the abusive provisions, the damages incurred by road accidents or other sources, to retrocession actions on special laws.