av. Iulian Băiculescu

Managing Partner

av. Iulian Băiculescu is a member of Bucharest bar since 2004 and has a vast legal experience in the field of litigations and civil and commercial law succeeding in successfully completing several business projects.

av. Ioana Băiculescu


The attorney-at-law Ioana Băiculescu is a lawyer in Bucharest Bar since 2007 and consolidated her knowledge in the legal field by graduating the master courses „Legal Carrier” at Nicolae Titulescu University. Ioana specialized in the commercial and civil litigations and in the insolvency procedure for legal entities and natural persons. Also, she has the expertise for settling conflicts by mediation, also having the quality of mediator.

av. Dana Niculescu Pănculescu

Associate lawyer

The qualified lawyer Dana Niculescu Pănculescu graduated the Faculty of Law in 2006. In 2007 she graduated the studies in Business Law Master, and in 2008 she completed the studies at the National Institute for Training and Development of Lawyers.

Dana has a notable activity as a practitioner in matters such as the commercial law, the family law, the administrative law and the civil law, excelling by an exceptional specialty training and attention paid to the continuous professional improvement.

av. Trifu Irina

Associate lawyer

Trifu Irina is a lawyer experimented in civil and penal litigations starting with 2011 when she graduated the studies of the National Institute for Training and Development of Lawyers.

In 2012 she beneficiated from Robert Schuman scholarship and training at the European Parliament, the Legal Department. At the same time, Irina knows very well both the French and the English languages, at an advanced level. Also, she attended the classes of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne University (Collège Juridique, Collaboration France and Romania)