Legal Service

Commercial Law

  • Establishment of businesses and companies – Start Up package: setting up temporary headquarters at the professional office of the lawyer..
  • Insolvency and activity reorganization of the company.
  • Legal advice for companies based on monthly subscription.
  • Moral and material claims following the occurrence of car accidents, labor related accidents, incidents in malls, at playgrounds, floods, fires.
  • Legal advice during the negotiation or conclusion of commercial agreements.
  • Appeals against enforcements, abusive clauses, abusive foreclosures.
  • Appeals against decisions to impose financial penalties by ANAF (National Authority for Fiscal Administration).
  • Recovery of claims and loans.
  • Abusive claims.
  • Enforcement of payments.
  • “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office has a special department for Start Up which takes good care of counselling the client starting with the choice of the field of activity, which best corresponds to the future company. In this sense, no matter if we speak about the establishment of a S.R.L.-D., S.R.L. or S.A., we will always find the ideal solution both from the organizational and fiscal perspectives.

    If necessary, we also have the possibility to temporarily settle the registered office for the companies at the lawyer’s professional office and their registration, for and on behalf of the client. After obtaining all the functioning authorizations and certificates, we may ensure legal advice under different forms: a monthly subscription or when needed, depending on the provocations that appear. As regards the field of insolvency and activity reorganization of a company,

    “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office collaborates with the most professional companies of judicial administrators, as regards the avoidance of triggering the penal and material liability of the administrator or shareholders. As regards the NGOs, “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office established and subsequently offered services pro bono for those Associations and Foundations carrying out activities in the field of health or protection of domestic animals’ rights.

    Civil Law

  • Damages following the occurrence of car accidents, labor related accidents, incidents at playgrounds, in malls, floods, fires, etc., material and moral claims for financial compensations proportional with the caused prejudice.
  • Compensations from ANRP (National Authority for the Property Restitution) on the behalf of Law 10/2001; Law 18/1991, expropriation laws.
  • Complaints against contravention official records.
  • Possessions, inheritances, acquisition of proof of ownership documents for land and buildings.
  • “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office offers assistance and representation of the Client in cases of injuries due to car accidents, labor accidents or accidents at the playgrounds in the malls, floods, fires etc. Moreover, in cases of moral damages, we can obtain compensations proportional to the caused sufferance. As regards the files on Law no. 18/1991, Law no. 10/2001, Law no. 1/2000, Law no. 112/1995, as well as the claims on Law no. 165/2013 registered with la ANRP – the Central Commission for establishing the Compensations, they were managed with maximum seriousness and attention, and the clients were satisfied with the result.

    “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office ensure assistance and representation in front of all public or private institutions during the preliminary procedure provided by the labor law upon dismissal. At this stage we help our clients prepare the Written Defense and the other documents that will form the defense strategy. Afterwards, we may ensure the defense in a possible litigation in front of the specialized courts.

    Family Law

  • Legal assistance in cases of amicable divorce, without unjustified costs..
  • Legal assistance in cases of divorce, by tribunal.
  • Establishment of child custody.
  • Determining the child’s residence when either or both parents reside overseas.
  • Divorce settlements.
  • The special department made within “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office takes care of couples’ reconciliation in order to amicably obtain a divorce through the public notary or the legal methods. As regards the divorce in court, it may have the form of a divorce due to common culprit or exclusive culprit. The exclusive culprit may be pronounced by the court for thorough motives, which must be proved with witnesses, documents, interrogation and is extended for an undetermined period of time, the costs being directly proportional.

    “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office protects your legitimate interests and ensures the legal assistance and representation in view to obtaining the common custody, with the minor’s declared domicile at your place. Also, conciliation is necessary when establishing the minor’s domicile when one or both parents have the domicile abroad. Taking into consideration the fact that, together with the pronunciation of the divorce, it is also necessary to settle the partition, “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office offers mediation services and helps with concluding an amicable partition at low prices.

    Penal Law

  • Juridical assistance and representation before the criminal investigation authorities, the NAD (National Anticorruption Directorate), the DIOCT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism), and before any courts of law.
  • As regards the penal side of the litigations having a penal feature, “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office ensures legal representation and assistance in the files with alcohol exceeding the legal limit, injury by negligence, manslaughter, ensuring the victim against obtaining moral damages and cumulatively the coverage of all material damages generated by the accident. At the same time, we ensure the defense in the files regarding the petty offence claims from the car, tax, labor legislation, etc.