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Our law office has been functioning on the legal market since 2006 and it was established by the attorneys-at-law Băiculescu Ioan and Băiculescu Iulian.

Mr. Băiculescu Ioan is a definitive member of Bucharest Bar starting with 1995 and he graduated the Faculty of Law, Bucharest University. Also, over the years he graduated several education institutions with tradition, such as: Alexandru Ioan Cuza Academy – Băneasa, The Academy of Military Studies – Carol I.

After six years of practice in the legal field he decided to extend the legal activity into the sphere of insolvency procedures and, together with the judicial administrator Manta Gabriel and the programmer assistant Băiculescu Iulian, decided to establish SC B&M SPRL in 2001 whose main objective was to take over the numerous reorganization and restructuring cases of several companies’ activities.

In 2006, after Mr. Băiculescu Iulian started professing, naturally, as a response to the more complex and diversified activity in the legal field, “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office was established, created for the purpose of improving the quality and streamlining the legal services.

Until 2013, the law office B&A functioned at the management level, in the format Băiculescu Ioan – managing partner and Băiculescu Iulian – partner, of course together with several lawyers, most of whom had carried out activities starting with their internship up to the statute of partner. At this moment Ms. Băiculescu Ioana is co-opted as a partner, and together with the rest of the team have succeeded in maintaining and carrying forward, for more than 23 years, the high professionalism level of the legal services, always rendered in the interest of the business companies and not only, from Romania.

Iulian Băiculescu is a member of Bucharest bar since 2004 and has a vast legal experience in the field of litigations and civil and commercial law succeeding in successfully completing several business projects.

The master degree in communitarian law and numerous courses of professional training organized by Bucharest Bar, the National Institute for Training and Development of Lawyers, the National Institute for Magistracy and Bucharest University come to complete the 14 years of legal profession.

Mr. Iulian Băiculescu started his legal carrier in 2001 as an assistant manager at one of the most important insolvency companies which was managing at that moment the insolvency and reorganization procedures of several companies.

Subsequently, in 2006 he was co-opted as a partner of “Băiculescu and Partners” Law Office granting advice especially in the field of real estate – management of commercial spaces within a complex of exhibition type, advice in the field of software development (also considering the completed information studies), recovery of receivables, organization and management of companies’ current activity, advice in insolvency procedures, assistance in the field of tax fraud, registration of marks with OSIM, creation of reorganization and restructuring plans of companies, divisions and mergers of companies, etc.
Subsequent to 2010, he took over the activity of “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office from the position of managing partner extending the activity into the advice field at the level of railway transportation, real estate where he negotiated leasing contracts directly in English (IELTS certificate – British Council).

As regards the field of litigations, he successfully completed numerous cases from different areas of practice starting with the recovery of debts, partitions, labor litigations, claims on all property laws to cases of liability triggering in the insolvency field, ensuring representation at all procedural stages and in front of all courts up to the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

In the future, as an objective, we want to extend our team with ambitious partners who are very well trained from the professional point of view, together with whom the office will participate to the development of several business projects having a significant positive impact on the capital market in Romania.