Civil Law

  • Damages following the occurrence of car accidents, labor related accidents, incidents at playgrounds, in malls, floods, fires, etc., material and moral claims for financial compensations proportional with the caused prejudice.
  • Compensations from ANRP (National Authority for the Property Restitution) on the behalf of Law 10/2001; Law 18/1991, expropriation laws.
  • Complaints against contravention official records.
  • Possessions, inheritances, acquisition of proof of ownership documents for land and buildings.
  • “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office offers assistance and representation of the Client in cases of injuries due to car accidents, labor accidents or accidents at the playgrounds in the malls, floods, fires etc. Moreover, in cases of moral damages, we can obtain compensations proportional to the caused sufferance. As regards the files on Law no. 18/1991, Law no. 10/2001, Law no. 1/2000, Law no. 112/1995, as well as the claims on Law no. 165/2013 registered with la ANRP – the Central Commission for establishing the Compensations, they were managed with maximum seriousness and attention, and the clients were satisfied with the result.

    “Băiculescu & Partners” Law Office ensure assistance and representation in front of all public or private institutions during the preliminary procedure provided by the labor law upon dismissal. At this stage we help our clients prepare the Written Defense and the other documents that will form the defense strategy. Afterwards, we may ensure the defense in a possible litigation in front of the specialized courts.